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Hear about the great things happening at the Boys & Girls Club of Vista!

Texas Hold ‘Em October 27th!

We’re looking for some card players to go all in for kids in support of great futures.

Details HERE


We Did It!

We did it! We were able to take care of the leak and today received the supplies to install a new roof just in time for what looks to be a very wet winter! Words simply cannot express how fortunate we are to have so many passionate people that care about Vista kids and great futures! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Outstanding Outcomes

We conduct annual evaluation through the National Youth Outcomes Assessment to analyze and benchmark our programs’ successes and challenges. The National Youth Outcomes Initiative (NYOI) uses common, credible indicators such as school attendance, reading and math proficiency, on-time grade progression, and avoidance of risky behaviors. We are very pleased to report some of the outstanding progress we’re making including:

  1. 97% of Club members expect to graduate high school
  2. 87% of Club members report they get mostly A’s or B’s in school
  3. 69% of Club members are physically active more than 5 days a week
  4. 63% of Club teens volunteer at least monthly

We help prepare Club kids for high school graduation, college and careers by building the skills needed to succeed in today’s globally competitive workforce.  We are committed to helping kids build healthy habits for life and making sure they’re active, engaged and able to make healthy decisions. We teach kids how to be responsible citizens and resilient leaders through mentorship, accountability and modeling good behavior.  Great Futures truly do start at the Boys & Girls Club of Vista.

Football Skills Camp with NFL pros!

Rancho Buena Vista High Football Skills Camp Saturday July 14th- register in advance at our California Avenue site.