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The Boys & Girls Club of Vista is always looking to the community to enhance its programs and keep its fees affordable for all kids. We’re looking for help in a variety of ways from tutors, mentors, artists, athletes, musicians, special event coordinators, clerics, and more. It can be as little as an hour a week to several days a month. Every hour makes a difference in the lives of our kids. Volunteer opportunities are limited to weekdays until 6:30pm.

To find out about future volunteer opportunities, contact us via our online form.

Volunteer Application

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Individual Volunteers

Volunteers will not be allowed to work with children until a background check is complete. Individuals younger than 18 years of age are not old enough to go through the background check. A limited number of volunteers in this age group are accepted. The application must be signed by both the teen volunteer and his/her parent. Club membership is required to participate. Download Volunteer or Mentor Application under Club Forms and impact a child’s life.

Group Volunteers

Groups who wish to volunteer on a one-time or occasional basis do not need to complete individual volunteer applications. The group application must be submitted well in advance to ensure there is enough work for the group. Groups that are flexible with the date they wish to volunteer will have more options for projects.

Corporate Volunteers

Volunteer service projects for companies and community groups. A group either collectively works on one project at a site, or splits up to shadow BGC staff on the rotations. Limited to current corporate partners or companies expected to provide funding in future. Power Hour Presentation to follow/kick-off.

For specific volunteer inquiries, please call 760-724-6606 ext. 24 or via online form

Many mid-large sized companies also offer matching donations! Please contact your HR to find out if there’s a way to DOUBLE your donation!

A recent Youth Outcome Measurement Survey showed:

99%said Club staff helped them learn right from wrong and high expectations for their success
97%said the Club will help them graduate high school
94%said they are physically active on a daily basis in the Boys & Girls Club of Vista